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11 March 2013 - What's new

11 March 2013

'There are no rules about how long it takes to write one novel, or several novels. There are some writers who produce as many novels in six months as Tartt has in her whole career. Nora Roberts, American's most popular writer of romance novels, turns out five books a year, and has only one rule of writing: "Ass in the chair". Six to eight hours, every day, adds up to revenue of nearly $60 million a year...' Erica Wagner in The Times in our Comment column.

Horror author Darren Shan will run a live-streamed author event with horror author on 19th March at 2 pm. Fans will be able to tune in to see Shan talk about his new 12-part Zom-B series. The third title, Zom-B City, will be published on 14th March. Viewers should register for the event at, and can submit questions to Shan ahead of the event. It will be recorded and available on demand after the streaming. See also our Success Story on Darren Shan.

'The announcement that 50% of London agency Conville & WalshSee Conville & Walsh listing has been bought by Curtis BrownSee Curtis Brown listing UK is the latest news in the consolidation which is going on amongst literary agents. This purchase brings a successful smaller agency into a bigger one which has not perhaps been so dynamic. As a way of recruiting productive agents, it probably beats trying to develop them (so long as you have the money to invest or can lay your hands on it), as these agents are not likely to leave taking their client list with them. In that respect they are not like new agents developed by bigger agencies, who often leave to join another agency which offers a better deal, or to set up on their own...' News Review looks at agencies combining.

We've got a glowing new write-up from Craig Hurren on our Endorsements page: 'I must say that their professionalism and expertise was truly impressive...'

'A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it.' William Styron in our Writers' Quotes.