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Editor's Report Plus

About us

A more detailed assessment than our Editor's Report, this substantial report offers chapter-by-chapter commentary on your work

WritersServices' professional editor will assess your manuscript. If you opt for our Editor's Report Plus you’ll get the kind of expert advice which is usually only available from an in-house editor.

  • You will receive an extended chapter-by-chapter report in which the editor will:
    • advise on structural editing
    • look at the storyline and its development (if it is fiction)
    • consider the content and structure of the work
    • evaluate the tone, level and approach
    • look at the writing itself
  • This report provides a chapter by chapter report and overall assessment of what needs doing, rather than marking up the specifics of correct presentation and spelling (see our Copy Editing service).
  • We would normally expect to be able to complete an Editor's Report Plus assignment in around two weeks, but will confirm the expected date of completion when you place your order. 

What it costs

The charge for the Editor's Report Plus service for a manuscript of under 100,000 words, is £250.  On 100,000 to 150,000 words the charge would be £280.  On 150,000 to 200,000 words the charge would be £310.

Non-fiction is harder to report on than fiction and will cost more - please send the material to us for a quote.

All Editor's Report Plus fees are payable in advance.

Please send your manuscript as one unzipped Word file to

A fictionalised account

Which report? will help you work out if this is the right report for you.