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News stories from the book world in September 2007

September 2007

'Storm in an agency teacup'

24 September 2007

In a week when the Sunday Telegraph has announced with horror that the latest book by topless model Katie Price (aka Jordan) was outselling the entire Booker shortlist (which will not surprise those familiar with the bestseller lists), London literati have been transfixed by an extraordinary saga involving one of the oldest literary agencies in the world.  Read more

Surviving the 'omnivores and the 'killer store'

17 September 2007

Last week News Review looked at how publishers are reacting to digitalisation. This week will concentrate on how it is affecting bookselling and the outlook for the future.  Read more

Digitalisation - opportunity or threat?

10 September 2007

Digitalisation has become such a huge issue in the book world that News Review will be investigating the latest developments over the next two weeks. First, what are publishers doing about it and how will this impact on writers?  Read more

Better news from Borders

3 September 2007

The big falls and continued turbulence in the stock market may well affect the book world in the future, as private equity's borrowing capacity looks like it will suddenly dry up. Many in the book world would be delighted at this outcome, as the many takeovers in bookselling and publishing have tended to create ever bigger companies and there is ongoing suspicion about the private equity  Read more