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Surviving the 'omnivores and the 'killer store'

17 September 2007

Last week News Review looked at how publishers are reacting to digitalisation. This week will concentrate on how it is affecting bookselling and the outlook for the future.  Read more

Digitalisation - opportunity or threat?

10 September 2007

Digitalisation has become such a huge issue in the book world that News Review will be investigating the latest developments over the next two weeks. First, what are publishers doing about it and how will this impact on writers?  Read more

The next chapter in the Google wars

7 November 2005

Publishers are beginning to take the initiative in the Google Print wars, perhaps not before time, as they suddenly find themselves confronted by a digital future which is not somewhere off in the future but very much in the here and now. The hard lesson the Napster free downloads taught the music business has not been lost on the big publishers.  Read more

New technology – opening up the market

14 July 2003

A summer promotion from Microsoft offers three free e-books a week for download using their Reader Software. The offer will run from July through to November and includes bestselling titles such as Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin.  Read more

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