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Writers motivation


Your motivation for writing

The results of our survey show that two things you do not expect are fame and fortune. Only 4% expect to make a fortune but 26% do hope for some income. For many writing is an ambition and 13% want to make a contribution to our knowledge or understanding.

Survey - Writers motivation 01

For the majority, writing is an enjoyable compulsion but 11% dream of recognition.

Survey - Writers motivation 02

Most of you are willing to share your writing (which is what you would expect from compulsive communicators). Just a couple want to keep their writing to themselves and in the ‘other’ category there were several play writers and web novelists.

Survey - Writers motivation 03

Most writers have approached several potential audiences. If the ‘other’ and e-publishing are grouped together they indicate that a significant group are using the Internet to publish their work.

Survey - Writers motivation 04

Formal training is not popular but writers' and readers' groups are popular, as is using the web to share the writing experience.

Survey - Writers motivation 05

Your optimism is impressive. Most people expect to find a publisher. There is no vote of confidence for self-publishing or e-books.

Survey - Writers motivation 06

Half the respondents were from Europe, the median age was 38 and 60% of the respondents were female.