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Survey results - Reading


Your preferred places for recreational reading (multi-choice)
Your preferred places for recreational reading (multi-choice)Survey - Reading habits 01  

Restaurants, airports and cars were other locations. Bedtime reading is clearly popular as is the bathroom which was proportionately more popular with men.


Source of books read in the last 12 months. (multi choice)

Survey - Reading habits 02

Second-hand and charity shops were the other sources of your books.


What type of books you consume. (multi choice)

Survey - Reading habits 03

‘Others’ included several mentions of children’s books, westerns, DIY and poetry. About 10% were ‘omni-readers’. The rest could be categorised as fiction, factual, fantasy or lifestyle readers.


The preferred reading environment

Survey - Reading habits 04

Loud music, Talk radio and TV on did not attract a single vote

Composition of your library Survey - Reading habits 05

Those with a small library had a higher proportion of factual and reference books. Is it the fiction that is dumped when you move?

Almost two thirds of the respondents were female. Those completing the survey were spread evenly over the age ranges .

However, there was no detectable gender or age difference in the responses to any of the questions.

The respondents claim to read nearly one book a week (49.8 per week) but the spread was enormous. Five to ten per year was nearer the norm.

Over half of the replies came from Europe and a quarter from North America.

The sample this month was relatively small with only 61 surveys to analyse from over 110,000 visitors to the site during February.