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hhb agency ltd was founded in 2005 by Heather Holden-Brown. The agency represents writers of non-fiction - in particular, journalism, history and politics, travel and adventure, contemporary autobiography and biography, books about words and numbers, popular culture and quirky humour, entertainment and television, business, family memoir, food and cookery - and commercial fiction. hhb agency ltd is always pleased to hear from talented writers. Please call or email before sending in your material.

Please do not send international postal vouchers with submissions. As a small agency which believes strongly in regular and consultative personal contact, they do not represent writers based beyond Europe.

Permissions: If you wish to quote from a book by one of their authors, it is suggested you write first to the Permissions Department of the publisher of the original edition of the book, setting out clearly details of the quotation/s you wish to use and for what purpose.