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21 November 2003


More than a million sessions have now been recorded at the WritersServices website, one of the most comprehensive resources for writers available on the internet.  Read more

23rd Winchester Writers' Conference

‘Finding the words’ - The 23rd Annual Writers’ Conference in Winchester, UK

The biggest of the annual British writers’ events took place on 28-29 June in Winchester. Hundreds of enthusiastic writers from many countries attended a weekend conference preceded by mini-courses, with week-long workshops to follow.  Read more

WritersConference: 2003

The Annual Writers Conference

The largest annual writers' conference held in the UK took place at Winchester at the end of June/beginning of July.  The 23rd Annual Writers Conference, Bookfair and workshops will help hundreds of writers to improve their work.  Read more

PEN Masterclasses

A special report from the Masterclasses at the London Book Fair, March 2003

In three packed sessions at the London Book Fair, the PENSupported by eminent writers, this is the English branch of International Pen, which has centres in nearly 100 countries. It fights for freedom of expression and against political censorship. It campaigns for writers harassed, imprisoned and sometimes murdered for their views. Mail Masterclasses provided superb coaching for aspiring writers.  Read more

Bob's 2003

Journal of a Virtually Unpublished Writer

Bob Ritchie - BWBob Ritchie introduction

Latest Journal entry

Bob's 2007 Journal


  Read more

The Alties

The Alties 2003

Bowling for Columbine battles it out with Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The recently announced results of the first-ever online alternative movie awards run by Alternet show, as you might expect, a strong streak of reaction against the Oscars...

Most Inspirational Movie  Read more

Diagram Prize 2003

The 2003 Diagram Prize for the Oddest Title of the Year

The winner has now been announced of my favourite competition of the year, run by columnist Horace Bent in the Bookseller (the UK book trade weekly) with input from dedicated odd title hunters from all over the world. The prize, set up in association with the Diagram Group, has been running since 1978 and is a joyous celebr  Read more

Ig Nobel Prize 2003

The Ig Nobel Awards

‘Some people covet it, others flee from it. Some see it as a hallmark of civilization, others as a scuff mark. Some laugh with it, others laugh at it. Many praise it, a few condemn it, others are just mystified. And many people are madly in love with it.

It is the Ig Nobel Prize’  Read more

Becoming a writer

Excerpt from 'How I became a highly-paid writer'

Neil Bromage is a writer who has worked out how to make money out of writing. In this excerpt from his pamphlet he shows how he built his writing career through turning to non-fiction articles, developing ideas and finding outlets to sell them to.  Read more

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