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Ig Nobel Prize

Every year ten Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded. They are for ‘achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced’ – but with no implication as to whether they are a good or a bad thing. The Prize honours the great muddle in which most of us exist much of the time

Ig Nobel Prize 2003

The Ig Nobel Awards

‘Some people covet it, others flee from it. Some see it as a hallmark of civilization, others as a scuff mark. Some laugh with it, others laugh at it. Many praise it, a few condemn it, others are just mystified. And many people are madly in love with it.

It is the Ig Nobel Prize’  Read more

Becoming a writer

Excerpt from 'How I became a highly-paid writer'

Neil Bromage is a writer who has worked out how to make money out of writing. In this excerpt from his pamphlet he shows how he built his writing career through turning to non-fiction articles, developing ideas and finding outlets to sell them to.  Read more

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