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Plotting the novel


This comprehensive guide covers the essential elements of plotting in detail, pinpointing the origins of plots, and examining the way that characters affect their development, the part that sub-plots play, the need for twists and turns, the welding-together of the various ingredients into a well-constructed whole, and the value of advance planning.  

The author draws on his own experience as an editor, teacher of creative writing and published novelist, to provide plenty of practical advice on how to plot your novel.

In a fascinating final chapter, Michael Legat shows how he planned his own first novel.  He reprints the synopsis for the novel and in a series of illuminating notes points out frankly the mistakes that he made and the changes required to put them right.  This is a very useful book for any aspiring novelist.  


Paperback 128 pages

Published by Robert Hale

Plotting the Novel

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