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PhD editing service

About us

Get your PhD edited by a professional editor to make sure you achieve the best result you can

Are you working to prepare your PhD for submission? Professional editing can help you improve the presentation of your work and iron out any grammar or spelling errors, so that you can achieve the best possible result.

  • Do you feel that your manuscript contains grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, and would have a better chance if it were professionally prepared for submission?
  • If you are not a native English speaker, do you want to have your thesis checked and the English improved to make sure it is of the required standard?
  • Our skilled editors will assess your thesis and we will quote you on the basis of the amount of work required, incorporating any work you tell us you have been asked to do.

WritersServices PhD editing service can help.

Our copy editor will be a skilled professional with many years of experience of copy editing, which is a very specific editorial expertise.

  • The copy editor will correct your spelling and punctuation, check the sentence structure, grammar and use of words, and impose consistency, using standard copy editing procedures throughout.
  • If more work is required to get your work up to standard for submission, we will quote you on that basis.
  • We can offer copy editing using UK, US and International Engish, please specify what you want. See our article on this.
  • We will copy edit your work on screen and will send you two versions:.
  • Changes made on screen and accepted - the copy editor will make the changes, working on screen, and will accept them before finishing the job. You will get emailed back to you a PhD which is clean and ready to be submitted. We would advise you to read through this version of your work carefully when you get it back to make sure that you are happy with all the changes.
  • The second version will be edited on screen using 'track changes', which means that you will be able to see all the changes the editor has made. We strongly advise you not to use this version unless you are familiar with 'track changes, as it is easy to reintroduce errors. It is very useful though to see exactly what the editor has done.

What it costs

Our charges start from £.009 per word, based on the amount of work required. Fees are payable in advance.

Please note that we will need to assess your work before we can confirm the fee. There is no charge for this assessment, but please send your PhD to us as one Word document to get a quote. We cannot quote without seeing the material because we can't estimate how long the work will take. If your PhD is in a very untidy state or needs a heavy copy-edit, we may need to quote you a higher fee.

We would normally expect to get the copy edited PhD back to you within two weeks of receipt of the manuscript and your order. When we send your quote we will give you a date for completion of the work. If you are in a particular rush we can often achieve a faster turnaround than this, but please make your requirements clear when you send the manuscript to us.