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News stories from the book world in July 2005

July 2005

Amazon powers along

26 July 2005


Amazon is steaming ahead and making good progress with its aim to become the biggest Internet shopping site. Robin Terrell, until recently MD of Amazon UK, said: 'We want to be where you can discover anything that you want to buy.'  Read more

'Something really special'

25 July 2005

J K Rowling has done it again. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince or HP 6 as it is known in the book trade, has once again enthralled millions of children, continuing the trend which has seen sales rocket with every single book. The sales have made the author the 36th richest person in Britain.  Read more

Here comes Harry Potter!

11 July 2005

As the clock strikes midnight and Saturday 16 July begins, thousands of excited children will seize their copies of the new J K Rowling novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, join in the festivities surrounding its publication and race off to start reading the latest instalment of Harry Potter’s story.  Read more

Globalisation hits publishing

4 July 2005

Sad news about redundancies and an Australian bookshop chain going bust show how the way books are sold is changing. This will affect everyone, from writers right down through the book chain to readers.  Read more