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Genre fiction booms

14 November 2011

Certain genre areas of fiction publishing seem to be coming into their own in a big way at the moment, which is good news if that’s the area you write in.  Read more

Historical fiction and non-fiction

10 October 2011

The Historical Writers' Association

Novelist Manda Scott has recently formed the [no-glossary]Historical Writers' Association[/no-glossary] as a forum for writers and to promote the genre. The internet-based group already boasts around 100 members including authors, agents and editors, is open to writers of historical fiction and non-fiction.

, which we reported on last year, seems to have marked the coming of age of the genre of historical fiction. This has long been popular and many classic writers, such as Norah Lofts, Mary Renault, Rosemary Sutcliffe and Henry Treece, were opening up the past through their novels 40 or 50 years ago.  Read more

Under the volcano/Historian trashes rivals

26 April 2010

It’s been a rather surreal week in the publishing world, as the suspension of flights destroyed what was to have been the best London Book Fair ever.  Read more

Big deals in booming history market

30 April 2007

Recent mega-deals for two history-writing superstars show the increasing strength of this genre in both fiction and non-fiction.  Read more

Orlando's dream

2 October 2006

As a teenager growing up in Brazil in the late seventies, Orlando Paes Filho was nothing if not ambitious about his writing. He dreamt up the idea of Angus, now coming to fruition as a seven-volume epic tale spanning twelve centuries of human history. Whilst developing a career in advertising, the author continued to work on his series idea for the next 25 years.  Read more

'A thumping good read'

5 April 2004

It's not often that you can say a book may have changed the course of history, but we might yet be witnessing exactly that. Richard A Clarke's Against all Enemies has had a devastating effect on President Bush's credibility. Partly this is a question of timing - it just happened that the book has been published immediately after what the Spaniards are calling the Madrid massacre.  Read more

Amis Novel Slammed by Critics

16 September 2002

British publication of Martin Amis's new novel Koba the Dead has been marked by anger and derision from the British press, where historians have competed with more literary reviewers to express their loathing for the book and the author. The historian Orlando Figes, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, has a magisterial definition of the task of writing history: 'History is a debt the  Read more

Chicago chooses famous Holocaust novel

11 February 2002

As the second book in its One Book, One Chicago programme, Chicago Public Library has chosen Elie Wiesel's Night, a powerful novel which draws on the author's own terrible experiences in the Nazi death camps. Wiesel, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, was born in what is now Romania and was deported to Auschwitz in 1944.  Read more

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