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Publishers launch groundbreaking new websites

17 March 2014

Three new recently-launched websites show how publishers are trying to get to grips with readers and book-buyers directly.  Read more

The long tail has just got shorter

13 August 2012

 It's alarming to read in Publishers' Weekly that unit sales of print fiction backlist titles in the US fell 30% in the period ended 22 July compared to the same period last year, whilst non-fiction was 13% down. American publishers have suffered badly from the demise of Borders and this hasn't been offset by a switch to online backlist sales, as you might have expected.  Read more

'POD technology is changing the publishing world'

20 March 2006

Many writers may not realise how very profoundly print on demand technology is changing the publishing world. At least one reason for this is that it is no longer possible for the reader to tell whether a book has been printed using print on demand or a traditional batch printing process.  Read more

Amazon powers along

26 July 2005


Amazon is steaming ahead and making good progress with its aim to become the biggest Internet shopping site. Robin Terrell, until recently MD of Amazon UK, said: 'We want to be where you can discover anything that you want to buy.'  Read more

Penguin in trouble

7 March 2005

The Penguin Group worldwide suffered a 41 per cent fall in profits in 2004. Its parent company Pearson saw an improvement in results both for the Financial Times and for its core educational business, fuelling probably unfounded rumours that Pearson might be looking to sell the 70-year-old publisher.  Read more

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