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News stories from the book world in April 2005

April 2005

'Grey is the New Black'

25 April 2005

This was the title given to a session at the recent UK Booksellers' Association conference in Glasgow which focused attention on the growing importance of grey readers. Steve Bohme of Book Marketing Limited showed the increasing importance of this market, as the baby boom generation hits retirement.  Read more

Employers embarrassed by blogs

18 April 2005

The story of Joe Gordon, fired by Waterstone’s in Edinburgh in January for writing about them in his blog the Woolamaloo Gazette, has had a happy ending. In it he referred to them as ‘Bastardstone’s’ and his superior as the ‘Evil Boss’. After an internal investigation, Waterstone’s have offered him his job back.  Read more

Small is 'almost always more passionate'

11 April 2005

The role of small publishers in the publishing mix seems on the face of it to be declining as they are edged out by the big boys (see News Review 4 April). In fact as corporate publishers become more risk-averse, this is where we can look for innovation and new ideas.  Read more

Are big publishers going to get bigger?

4 April 2005

The increasing conglomeratisation of publishing is worrying if you are trying to sell rights, as it simply reduces the number of publishers you can sell to. Agents have expressed increasing anxiety about this over the years, An acquisition model which allows different imprints in a conglomerate to bid against each other up to a certain level, or until they are only competing against each  Read more