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Scriptwriting assessment fictionalised story

Sarah had always been fascinated by the cinema. As a little girl going to see a film was her favourite treat and she was also interested in how movies got to be made. Her own favourites were the films with really good stories, like Titantic and Avatar, but she also liked the ones which were based on books, like Lord of the Rings and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Secretly Sarah longed to become part of the magic of movies by writing a screenplay, but her practical nature and career ambitions meant that she did a law degree, trained as a lawyer and ended up making a successful career for herself working in the Frankfurt office of a London firm. But she still yearned for the bright lights of the movie world and eventually she used some of her precious weekends to start working away at a screenplay. She had a good idea for a film about the relationship between a troubled girl and the difficult dog her family adopts, against the background of her parents’ divorce – old-fashioned perhaps but a good story. Gradually, with encouragement from her boyfriend David, she put the screenplay together, helped by various excellent books such as Robert Kee’s Story.

But once Sarah felt she’d done all she could with it, she realised that she had absolutely no idea whether it was any good or not, and whether it would be worth trying to get some interest in it in what she knew was a highly competitive field. And no-one in Frankfurt seemed to know anything about writing screenplays. Then her friend Susie, who worked as a librarian and was still in Manchester, where they’d grown up together, emailed her to suggest that she could get a screenwriting expert to critique her work. Sarah was delighted with the idea and got in touch with WritersServices about their Scriptwriting Assessment service. Back came some really constructive advice, which Sarah used to give the screenplay a final reworking, tightening it up and making sure it was professionally presented. And that was when the submissions started. Sarah knew it was still going to be difficult to find someone who would want to make her screenplay into a film, but at least now her work was in good shape and she was in with a chance.

WritersServices’ Scriptwriting assessment service may be just what you need if you're finding it difficult to asses your own screenplay, script or play and to work out whether it needs more work, something which can be hard to do because you're too close to your own writing and don't have the professional experience.


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