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Manuscript Polishing story

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Manuscript Polishing fictionalised story

Makito Sato (presenting his name in the western fashion) had passed all his exams in his native Japan with flying colours and had gone off in a blaze of glory to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge Massachusetts to do his PhD. Everything went well for Makito in the United States, he enjoyed studying in Cambridge, with its big student community and lively social life, and he found the research for his PhD on an obscure new area in molecular biology quite fascinating. He missed his family but was looking forward to returning to Tokyo in due course, hopefully to take up a post at the university.

But Makito ran into trouble with writing up his PhD. His spoken English was exceptionally good, as he had lived and studied in America for a number of years. The trouble was that writing in English was another matter. He could master the required technical vocabulary and his research was very good, but the writing itself was very stilted and simply not up to scratch. He realised the limitations of his poor command of written English and the danger that his PhD would fail to be accepted by his supervisor at MIT.

Fortunately Makito decided to get some help before it was too late. With just a few weeks to go before his thesis was due in, he got in touch with WritersServices and he was able to commission a service called Manuscript Polishing. Specially designed for anyone whose writing needs polishing, this service provides a skilled editor who will go through the manuscript line by line, copy editing it and polishing he work. In this case WritersServices was able to find an editor with specialist knowledge in the subject, which helped him to make sure that Makito was using the right specialist vocabulary.

Makito got his thesis back just in time and was delighted by the fluency and accuracy of the writing. He was confident about putting it in and his confidence was justified when he received a high grade for his PhD and returned home to Tokyo covered in glory.

Manuscript Polishing is a useful service for anyone who is not a native English speaker but who wants to get their work up to publishable standard.  The editor will correct the English, spelling and grammar and your work will come back to you ready for the printer.

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