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Agents Specialising in No Illustrated Books

1105 - 320 Front St W

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B6

Proprietors and Lead Agents:

  • Dean Cooke
  • Sally Harding
  • Martha Webb
  • Chris Bucci


We do not accept screenplay, stage play, poetry, or picture book queries. We are especially eager to read thrillers, horror, commercial suspense, speculative fiction, upmarket women's fiction, middle grade, YA, literary fiction, research-driven non-fiction, and narrative non-fiction.

Submission guidelines Please note that we do not accept submissions via email, mail, or fax. To query us, visit our website and submit via the submissions form:

A list of our active clients is available at

Founded in 2017.
647-788 4016

Suite 801
121 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001
United States


  • Donald Maass,
  • Jennifer Jackson,
  • Cameron McClure,
  • Stephen Barbara

Founded 1980.

Specialises in fiction, all genres.

No poetry or picture books.

Query with first 5pp of MS and a one-page synopsis with sase, or by email with ‘query' in the subject line.

54 Gloucester Street

London, SW1V 4EG
United Kingdom


  • Eve WhiteAgent for commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, children's fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No submissions by email. No reading fee. Will suggest revision where appropriate. See website for up-to-date submission requirements.

Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, children's fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Submissions only by email. No reading fee. Will suggest revision where appropriate. See website for up-to-date submission requirements.

Does not accept poetry, short stories, screenplays, science fiction or fantasy for adults. Not currently looking for picture books.

Prefers not to receive telephone enquiries.

Submissions by email only to:

Please don't send any general correspondence or questions about submissions to any address: only fiction samples or non-fiction proposals and samples.

Please see further details on

Authors include Ruth Ware, Jane Shemilt, Andy Stanton, Saskia Sarginson, Damian Le Bas, Tracey Corderoy, Rae Earl Rebecca Reid, Sarah J Naughton, Yvvette Edwards, Luan Goldie, Rachael Blok, Elli Woollard, Abie Longstaff, Darran Anderson, James Clarke, A S Hatch, Umair Haque, Paul Cooper, Veronica Clark, Jemma Wayne, Ivan Brett, Christine Hamill, James Bishop, Sarah Coyle, Kate Scott.

Founded 2003.

Association of Authors' AgentsThe association of UK agents. Their website ( gives a Directory of Members and a code of practice, but no information about the agencies other than their names. The association refers visitors to the UK agent listings from The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook on the WritersServices site.

19 Parkway

Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9HD
United Kingdom

Directors / Contacts

  • Amber Caravéo
  • Joanna Moult

We represent the very best in Children’s and Young Adult fiction from first chapter books for 5+ years right up to crossover titles for teens/young adults. We do not represent picture books at this time. We are always looking for talented new authors.

Submission guidelines
Please send submissions by email only.
We require the full manuscript as a Word document and a separate one-page synopsis.
Our submissions guidelines can be found here,
Our submissions email address is

Founded: November 17th 2014

We are very new but have already signed four authors so far, Carol Reynolds, Emily Lowrey, Amy Wilson and Elizabeth Dunn.
020 8144 7440

28 rue Bonaparte

Paris, 75006

Based in Paris, France, in 2000. In 2004 opened an office in New York and in 2008 in London

Writing with international potential.

No poetry, plays, screenplays, science fiction, educational text books, short stories or illustrated works.

No unsolicited email or fax queries - detailed guidelines.

Susanna Lea Associates website
(01) 53 10 28 40

11308 Lapham Drive

Oakton , VA 22124
United States


  • Scott Treimel

Children's fiction from age 5 through to teen/young adult (USA/UK 15%, elsewhere 25%). 

Represents both US and UK authors. 

No picture books or non-fiction. 

No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Contact by email or snail mail. 

Founded 2008.

3rd Floor
64 Great Titchfield Street
London, W1W 7QH
United Kingdom


  • Laura Susijn
  • Nicola Barr

Specialises in world rights in English- and non-English-language literature: literary fiction and general non-fiction

No self-help, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, sagas, computer, illustrated, business, military, screenplays.
Submission of manuscripts:

Please send a synopsis and two sample chapters only to this address, if sending by post or by e-mail to

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for a reply and include an email address for response. If you would like your material returned please clearly state this on your submission and include a stamped self-addressed envelope.
No reading fee.

Authors include Peter Ackroyd, Bidisha, Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent, Uzma Aslam Khan, Robin Baker, Abdelkader Benali, Robert Craig, Tessa De Loo, Gwynne Dyer, Travis Elborough, Radhika Jha, Kolton Lee, Karen Mcleod, Jeffrey Moore, Karl Shaw, Paul Sussman, Dubravka Ugrešic, Alex Wheatle, Adam Zameenzad.

Founded 1998.
020-7580 6341
020-7580 8626

72 Plimsoll Road

London, N4 2EE
United Kingdom


  • Uli Rushby-Smith

Founded 1993. Fiction and non-fiction, literary and commercial.

No poetry, picture books, plays or film scripts.

Send outline, sample chapters (no disks) and return postage. No reading fee.

Uli Rushby-Smith Literary Agency website
020-7354 2718
020-7354 2718

1138 South Webster Street

Kokomo, Indiana 46902
United States


  • Robert Brown
  • Sharene Martin
  • Ann Boyle

Adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%).

Interested in romance, sci-fi and fantasy, women's, gay/lesbian, suspense/thrillers.

No picture books or graphic novels.

Query by email only; no unsolicited MSS. See website for full submission guidelines.

Founded 1999.

Association of Authors' Representatives