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Killing feminism with Gone Girl

19 January 2015

‘I had about 24 hours when I hovered under my covers and was like, "I killed feminism. Why did I do that? Rats...

Then I quickly felt comfortable with what I had written. Women shouldn't be expected only to play nurturing, kind caretakers. That's always been part of my goal - to show the dark side of women. Men write about bad men all the time, and they're called "antiheroes".'

From the same source:

‘Old-fashioned suspense is more engaging than immediate violence. A great thriller to me is more about creating a sense of unease, a queasiness that comes with knowing something is not quite right. It's why I love unreliable narrators - there's something so wonderfully unnerving about realizing midway through a book that you've put yourself in the hands of someone who is not to be trusted. ‘

Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, in the New York Times