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Self-publishing authors

How to get your book translated into English (without it costing the earth)

English Language Editing

If you are not a native English speaker but you want to publish your book in English to make it available to the international market, what do you do?  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 9

Marketing and Promotion for Indie Authors: Online

Joanne PhillipsWriting a great book is only part of the picture. Getting it uploaded to Amazon with a great cover, and perhaps printed via POD, isn't the whole picture either.  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 8

Ebooks - Pricing Strategies for Indie Authors

Joanne PhillipsNever has price been a more essential factor in the success or popularity of a particular title. With prices for ebooks ranging from completely free to upwards of £6/$10, ebook pricing is a minefield for the indie author.  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 7

Print On Demand for Indies

Joanne PhillipsPrint On Demand - or POD - is exactly that: a service whereby your book is printed only when it has been ordered, either by a bookshop or an online retailer.  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 5

Ebooks: Distributing to Other Eretailers

Joanne PhillipsNow we've explored how to format your book for Kindle and upload to the Amazon KDP platform, it's time to look at the virtual shelves of other eretailers.

  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 6

Cover Design Know-how: Tips from a top designer on how to make your indie cover look professional and stand out from the crowd.

Joanne PhillipsFor this article, I asked designer Chris Howard for the lowdown on cover know-how.

What makes the perfect book cover?  Read more

Copy editing for self-publishers

Why self-publishers (and other authors) need copy editing

Do you want your book to be properly published? Self-publishers should have as good a chance of finding an audience as an author whose book is coming out from a publisher.  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 4

Ebooks: Formatting for Kindle

Joanne Phillips

Last time we looked at KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and how self-publishing authors can upload their books to Amazon directly. Now we're going to focus on one key thing: formatting your book for Kindle.  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing Guide 3

Ebooks: How to Sell on Amazon: An overview of the KDP platform and what it offers to indie authors.

Joanne Phillips

There's just no ignoring the Zon these days - Amazon is the biggest retailer of books and ebooks, and if you want to reach readers as an indie author then a KDP account is an essential first step.  Read more

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