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News stories from the book world in September 2011

September 2011

The ebook revolution

26 September 2011

A new Harris poll has revealed that the number of Americans reading ebooks has doubled in the last year. One in six Americans who do not have an ebook reader are planning to buy one in the next year.  Read more

Author fires publisher

12 September 2011

Last week saw the unusual spectacle of an author leaving her publisher because she thought the covers they put on her new book were inappropriate. Polly Courtney said the image was too racy - and she wanted her novel to be taken more seriously.  Read more

'Women's fiction'

5 September 2011

Following an appeal by two female customers from Tonbridge in the English county of Kent, the bookseller W H Smith has agreed to remove all references to 'women's fiction' in its shops from October. The two women, Clare Leigh and Julia Gillick, complained that the women's fiction section was 'very light, with lots of pink fluffiness' and there were no classic authors.  Read more