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News stories from the book world in December 2006

December 2006

Publishers regret high risk celebrity memoirs

18 December 2006

This autumn celebrity books have been hot news in the British publishing world. Five stars had advances of over £1million - TV personality Terry Wogan, Big Brother winner Pete Bennett, singer Gary Barlow, actor Rupert Everett and comedian Peter Kay.  Read more

Chinese writer's story collection triumphs

11 December 2006

Last week the Guardian First Book Award gave a major boost to short stories by awarding this year's prize to the Chinese writer Yiyun Li's collection A Thousand Years of Good Prayers. The Award, which was established in 1999, rewards the finest new literary talent with a £10,000 ($19,550) prize and, uniquely, is open to writing across all genres.  Read more

Children's writers flourish

4 December 2006

Children's publishing continues to thrive and new names are emerging every day. The Harry Potter effect has seen publishing firms bringing a new commercial focus to children's publishing and big money is now involved, with all the competitive strains that brings.  Read more