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News stories from the book world in November 2006

November 2006

'Covered in blood' - O J Simpson's 'confession'

27 November 2006

The extraordinary saga of O J Simpson's confessional book If I Did It, Here's How It Happened has reverberated around the media world, showing that, even in these ruthlessly commercial times, there are things that people will not stomach.  Read more

Blackwell and Readers Digest sold

20 November 2006

Mergers and further conglomeratisation are shaking the foundations of the international publishing world, as the book trade continues to become more like other businesses, and is similarly affected by globalisation.   Read more

The audio revolution

13 November 2006

The recent Bookseller seminar on audiobooks highlighted rapid changes and huge potential in what has often been seen as a backwater of the publishing world. The seminar's chairman Damian Horner called audio 'the runt end' of publishing.  Read more

Hill & Hill scam

6 November 2006

The recent online kerfuffle surrounding agency Hill & Hill in Edinburgh has pointed up yet again the need for writers to be extremely cautious about approaching agents. Hill & Hill, now defunct, had apparently perfected their scam over a number of years.  Read more