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News stories from the book world in February 2006

February 2006

World Book Day's ground-breaking Quick Reads

27 February 2006

This Thursday 2 March the ninth annual World Book Day will unveil the usual child-oriented campaign, with £1 ($1.75) tokens and six titles promoted for children. But the headlines are going to be grabbed by the wonderful Quick Reads programme, which is a well co-ordinated campaign to get more people reading.  Read more

Has the e-book arrived at last?

20 February 2006


Does the recently-announced Sony Reader finally herald the breakthrough on the e-book technology front many have been anticipating? The device is expected to be marketed in the US this spring and in the UK next year and will sell for around $299/$399 (£200 in the UK).  Read more

Hachette swoops on Time Warner

13 February 2006

Just when News Review was hoping to feature some encouraging stories of new writers getting big publishing deals, the tectonic plates have shifted again in the corporate publishing world, and reporting on this seems more urgent.  Read more

The biter bit

6 February 2006

Across the English-speaking world, the fate of bookselling chains is inextricably bound up with that of authors, although the Internet is now offering a real alternative in terms of reaching the market. In Canada and Australia, unstable and monopolistic book chains have adversely affected book sales and readers' access to books.  Read more