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Recycling computers


Second Life for computers

When you computer reaches retirement age what can you do in good conscience? There is a load of energy and valuable resources locked up in every old computer. If you run a business in Europe, you need to comply with waste disposal rules for electronic equipment so why not pay to get the machines data cleaned and put to work again?

To give your old machine a new lease of life Computer Aid International, a UK registered charity, provides high quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in education, health and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries.  

At Computer Aid’s London workshop they data-wipe, test and professionally refurbish computers and laptops from UK organisations and individuals. They claim to use the 'blancco' system which conforms to the highest standard of data purging.

Computer Aid has provided over 160,000 PCs to where they are most needed in more than 100 countries across Africa and South America.

Read about their solar powered cyber cafe.

They need money, volunteers to take part in fun-fundraising events as well as your old technology.