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September 2007 - Writers Magazine

News Review

  • News Review looks at the storm in an agency teacup caused by Carline Michel's appointment to head PFDRepresents authors of fiction and non-fiction, children's writers, screenwriters, playwrights, documentary makers, technicians, presenters and public speakers throughout the world. Has 85 years of international experience in all media. PDF now have a POD section. Some good advice for those seeking a representative., and how this affects authors.
  • Surviving the 'omnivores and the 'killer store' - last week News Review looked at how publishers are reacting to digitalisation. This week will investigates how it is affecting bookselling and the outlook for the future.
  • Digitalisation has become such a huge issue in the book world that News Review will be investigating the latest developments over the next two weeks. First, what are publishers doing about it and how will this impact on writers?
  • News Review looks at the effect of stock market turbulence on the book world and better news from Borders.
  • After last week’s look at brand name authors whose books are written by others, this week News Review investigates those who continue their writing careers from beyond the grave.


  • 'Demographically women of my age group are the largest group in the population and certainly of the book buying population and we are not very well catered for.' Sarah Challis, author of Footprints in the Sand in Writers' ForumBritish writers' magazine which is highly recommended for all writers. It features wide range of news and articles which help writers to improve their work and get published:

  • A L Kennedy on reviewing the author and her own prolific output: 'If you're quite a fast cook, you don't have children, you don't have pets and you've got no-one to talk to, what else are you going to do? In the Observer.

  • 'So here's the essence of what I learned as a do-it-yourself author: a publisher is far, far more than a printer and distributor of books, and an agent is more than a deal-maker.' Jack Henderson on self-publishing, in Publishing News

  • 'In this blizzard of commentary, from blogosphere to talk radio, it's odd to discover that literary prizes now stand out as a remarkably reliable guide…' Robert McCrum in the Observer

Writers' Quote

  • 'In America only the successful writer is important, in France all writers are important, in England no writer is important, and in Australia you have to explain what a writer is.'
    Geoffrey Cotterell

An Editor's Advice

This new series is based on the advice Maureen Kincaid SpellerMaureen Kincaid Speller a reviewer, writer, editor and former librarian, is our book reviewer and also works for WritersServices as a freelance editor., a long-serving WritersServices freelance editor, has given writers over the years.  It deals with the most common problems she has encountered in the fiction manuscripts which cross her desk.

In the seventh and final article Maureen deals with presentation - typefaces, layouts, page numbers, putting your material into one document and spell-checkers.

'So far, in these columns, I’ve been talking about the nuts and bolts of writing, and about the ways in which people come unstuck in terms of content. This time, I want to talk about the ways writers can make life easier for editors and readers like me.'

1: Dialogue  2: why you need to do further drafts, 3: genre writing,

4: planning;  5: points of view. 

 Magazine - Timepiece

Getting your poetry published

Are you keen to get your poetry published but don't know where to start?   Our new article helps you to look at the best approach to help you make your way into print.

Our Editorial Services for writers

Check out the 16 different editorial services we offer, from Reports to Copy editing, Typing to Rewriting.

Bob's Journal goes into its 7th volume

Bob on the strange power of language and his latest really good idea:

'In a smell-o-fiction novel certain pages, paragraphs, sentences or even individual words would be impregnated with an appropriate odour...'

This week

The Writer/Publisher Financial Relationship

The latest new article in our 19-part Inside Publishing series deals with the tricky financial relationship between writers and publishers and gives useful advice on how to approach it.

Choosing a Service

Are you having difficulty deciding which service might be right for you?  This useful new article by Chris HolifieldManaging director of WritersServices; spent working life in publishing,employed by everything from global corporations to start-ups; track record includes: editorial director of Sphere Books, publishing director of The Bodley Head, publishing director for start-up of upmarket book club, The Softback Preview, editorial director of Britain’s biggest book club group, BCA, and, most recently, deputy MD and publisher of Cassell & Co. She is also currently the Director of the Poetry Book Society; During all of this time aware of problems faced by writers, as publishing changed from idiosyncratic cottage industry, 'occupation for gentlemen', into corporate business of today. Writers encountered increasing difficulty in getting books edited or published. Authors create the books which are the raw material for the whole business. She believes it is time to bring them back to centre stage. offers advice on what to go for, depending on what stage you are at with your writing.

The long and winding road

WritersServices' freelance editor Colin MurrayColin MurrayColin joined Penguin Books after university. He has over the years worked for a number of the major publishing houses in senior editorial positions. His particular interests, apart from sailing, are science fiction, fantasy, crime and thrillers. on his own tortuous path to publication:

'My agent did arrange a meeting with an editor from the publishing house who told me that my book was one of the most accomplished first novels he’d ever come across...

No matter how jaded and cynical one pretends to be, there is nothing like holding a copy of your first book.'

Help for Writers

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