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Getting into Print

Decibel Penguin forced to back down

22 January 2007

Following the recent furore relating to the Decibel Penguin Prize, the organisers have been forced to back down. This scheme to encourage writers from an Asian, African or Caribbean background started with the best of intentions.  Read more

Objective truth versus 'emotional truth'

16 January 2006

The astonishing story of James Frey seems like a fable for our times. His memoir of drug and alcohol abuse followed by redemption, A Million Little Pieces, was a smash hit in the US after he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show last October.  Read more

Author Makes it into Print

29 April 2002

Writing recently in the London Sunday Times, columnist Godfrey Smith tells a wonderful story of an author's success against all the odds. Carl Tighe was a young writer who had done everything from gutting fish to cleaning mental hospital toilets.  Read more

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