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Agents Specialising in Translation

Centric House
390-391 Strand
London, WC2R 0LT
United Kingdom


  • Nicki Kennedy
  • Sam Edenborough
  • Mary Esdaile
  • Tessa Girvan
  • Katherine West
  • Jenny Robson

ILA is a specialist translation rights agency. They work exclusively on behalf of authors who are introduced to them by their client agencies and publishers.

They do not accept submissions from writers seeking an agent.

They do not sell English-Language rights.
020-7379 6611
020-7240 4724

Rights | Translation | Writers
Englischviertelstrasse 59

Zurich, CH-8032


  • Eva Koralnik
  • Ruth Weibel

Founded 1949

Represent publishing houses and agencies from the USA, UK, Canada, France and Israel exclusively for German language publication rights.

Represents authors, agents and publishers from all over the world for German translation rights, and selected international authors for world rights.

Also handle world rights for international authors and represent estates such as Anne Frank
(044) 261 76 60

Sandstrasse 33

Munchen, 80335

Founded in 1988 and represents fiction, nonfiction and children's books authors throughout the world.

Represent translation rights from publishers and agencies from English-speaking countries as a sub agency.

If submitting, check the site.
(089) 366371
(089) 366372

Rights | Translation | Writers
Jupiterstrasse 1

Zurich, CH-8032

The Fritz Agency has over 40 years' experience licensing translation rights to German language publishers on behalf of agents and publishers in the English speaking world.

Gradually expanding its services as a full service author agency, representing German language writers domestically and internationally.

(+41) 44 388 41 40

Rights | Translation
Sakuragi Building 4f
6-7-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 107-0062

Managing Director

  • Hamish Macaskill

Handles work by English-language writers living in Japan; arranges Japanese translations for internationally established publishers, agents and authors; arranges Japanese contracts for Japanese versions of all media. Standard commission: 10%.

Own representatives in New York and London.

Founded 1979.

The English Agency (Japan) Ltd website
03-3406 5385

1 St Marks Place

London, W11 1NS
United Kingdom


  • Honorine Dupuy d'Angeac

The St Marks Agency handles translation rights mainly in commercial and literary fiction, trade non-fiction and illustrated titles on behalf of foreign publishing companies or literary agencies.

We work directly in France and the UK, and with L’Autre Agency worldwide on a selection of titles.

The agency was founded in 2012.
(+44) 07776 25 31 46