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What's in a name?

23 April 2007

According to a recent American study, quite a lot in terms of influencing book purchasers' decisions. Readers were asked what prompted them to buy a book and told they could choose more than one answer. 45% chose familiarity with the author and clearly authors as brands are a major feature of the bestseller lists.   Read more

Online marketing harnesses word of mouth

26 March 2007

Word of mouth is the most powerful way to sell books. This old adage of the publishing world has been given new impetus by the vast opportunities presented by the web. Now you can reach a global market from the computer in your living-room.  Read more

Pay it Forward

15 January 2007

It's pretty unusual for a novel to start an international movement, but Catherine Ryan Hyde can claim to have done just that. The author of Love in the Present Tense, which has just been picked by Richard and Judy in the UK, published a novel entitled Pay it Forward in 2000, which was subsequently made into a film.  Read more

World Book Day plans

7 February 2005

World Book Day was originally designed by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Last year over 30 countries took part and it is hoped to extend the range of the scheme this year in view of the huge discrepancies in publishing activity between different countries.   Read more

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