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The Pedant: how to make your editor happy

The Pedant: how to make your editor happy

The Pedant: how to make your editor happy


If you want to improve your writing, this series from one of our long-standing editors will help you.

1: Accents and dialects

2: Dialogue tags  Read more


Worldbuilding series

Our new five-part Worldbuilding series is designed to help fantasy and science fiction writers think about the various things they need to consider when constructing the world in their novel.

The titles are:

1: Character names in fantasy novels

2:The basics of writing fantasy fiction  Read more

Ask the Editor

Ask the Editor

Our Ask the Editor series deals with queries which writers often make.

1: What genre is my book?

2: The submission letter

3: Writing a synopsis

4: Why do I need you?

5: Non-fiction submissions  Read more


New Series on WritersServices

Writersservices is currently producing a number of new series about matters of interest to writers.


Ask the Editor - an ongoing series which has been written in response to queries from writers

Worldbuilding - a five-part series for fantasy and science fiction writers about how to build their worlds  Read more

Welcome to Writers Services


We're delighted to welcome you to WritersServices' site. We've been going since 2001, which is why we have more than 8,000 pages of advice, information and services on our site. When we started, writers were focused on finding a publisher, now you might equally well be intending to self-publish or to publish online.  Read more


Self-publishing and vanity publishing

There are many reasons for publishing your own work

  • You want a fixed number of copies of a family memoir or perhaps your work on local history
  • You are confident you can sell the quantity you print
  • You haven't time to hang around waiting for a publisher

What, or who, is a publisher?  Read more

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