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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day 2017 celebrates Freedom

18 September 2017

Next Thursday, 28 September, is National Poetry Day in the UK and a good template of how a national celebration for poetry can achieve real reach. The BBC, schools, poets, publishers, bookshops and readers are uniting to bring about a real celebration of poetry. Poets in particular will be very much in evidence, with a mass of events and school visits to celebrate the day.  Read more

Michael Rosen to be campaigning Children's Laureate

18 June 2007

At a packed event in central London, Shami Chakrabati, Director of Liberty and chair of the selection committee, announced that Michael Rosen would be the fifth Children's Laureate, saying: 'His gift for capturing the language and imagination of children on and off the page will make him a wonderful champion for the young and their literature.'  Read more

Making poetry fun

3 October 2005

This week sees a great outpouring of poetry in Britain’s schools, many of which will be celebrating National Poetry Day with a visit from a poet. These visits have brought poetry to millions of children, making them realise just how much fun it can be.  Read more

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