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8 September 2014 - What's new

8 September 2014
  • 'John Lewis of the Bookseller has argued strongly that the paperback edition is still a major factor in book sales and what's more that its position doesn't seem to be changing in the face of ebook sales nearly as much as had originally been assumed, now that things are settling down. What's surprising about this is that the paperback edition is coming out 6-12 months after the hardback and ebook are available. Even more important in terms of sales, you would expect the ebook to completely cannibalise the paperback sales as it's invariably not only available sooner but also considerably cheaper...' News Review on why paperbacks still have legs.
  • Ever wanted to understand what's involved in indexing? The Ins & Outs of Indexing by Joanne PhillipsUK-based freelance writer and ghostwriter. She has had articles published in national writing magazines, and has ghostwritten books on subjects as diverse as hairdressing and keeping chickens. Visit her at show how you could do it yourself or what you might gain by having a professional tackle the job.
  • ‘I write by hand, then type it up. When I've finished a scene, I'll read it and, if it needs editing, I write all over it, then retype it. I fax the copy to a typist, who puts it on a disc, and she faxes it back, then I edit it again. When I start a new novel I already have the story in my head, including the ending, so I begin by doing an outline and then write it consecutively - page one is always page one...' Barbara Taylor Bradford, author of A Woman of Substance and Cavendon Hall, in The Times, quoted in our Comment column.
  • Michael Legat's Factsheets are short introductions for writers from the former publisher, novelist and author of 12 books on writing. These specially commissioned information-packed lists from our Archives  cover the essentials for writers. From Research to Revision, Plagiarism to Copyright, Legat always has something pithy but on the nail to contribute.
  • Publishing Perspectives are offering a Frankfurt Preview which provides an intriguing look into what goes on at the Fair.
  • Our links this week: the Bookseller's trenchant article on paperbacks, Pulp fiction | FutureBook; Margaret Atwood's new work will remain unseen for a century | Books |; why would you think publishers fact-check? Book Publishing, Not Fact-Checking - The Atlantic; a really useful guide, 5 Steps to Increasing Your Book's Marketability with Research | Publishing Perspectives; and, about a well-deservedly popular author, Kate Mosse: my skill is storytelling, not literary fiction | Books | The Observer.
  • 'Close the door. Write with no one looking over your shoulder. Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It's the one and only thing you have to offer.' Barbara Kingsolver in our Writers' Quotes.