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'Vibrant, optimistic, profitable, energetic, full of very smart people'

25 August 2014

In response to one commentator, Melanie A, who said the "publishing business is corrupt, sick and almost dead", Child stated: "When you say the publishing business is corrupt, sick, and almost dead, you're completely wrong. Yes, it's cautious and careful, as a result of the recession you mention, and the changing entertainment environment you note, and contracts are certainly stricter, but it's vibrant, optimistic, profitable, energetic, full of very smart people, most of them young, most of them women, and I find it a very pleasant place to work (but then, I came from television.) No publisher I know is cheating anyone, or screwing them. I understand disappointment, and blaming the messenger and so on, and I know plenty of writers fail, but really, the institution ain't that bad.."

Explaining his appearance on the blog, ahead of flight back to the US, Child said: "I read blogs like these and comment occasionally because, yes, I really do care about these things, am endlessly fascinated by new developments in anything, and - again - feel privileged to be watching the self-publishing revolution, which I truly feel to be the biggest single radical act in arts history. Plus, I'm fascinated by the psychological dynamics on display from certain quarters ... how could a novelist not be, about any of those things?"

Lee Child, author of 19 Jack Reacher novels, including Personal, after appearing on UK's Newsnight TV programme