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'Literary ambitions constantly thwarted'

20 November 2006

'Ironically though, fiction was always my first love, and I honestly believe that all the other creative things I've done in my life have come as a result of having my true literary ambitions constantly thwarted. As I was carving out a career for myself as a non-fiction writer, I wrote six novels, all of which failed to spark the interest of publishers. Only on my seventh attempt did I strike gold: Equinox is to be published in 26 languages, and I hope it will be the launch pad for my final career change; from non-fiction author to novelist.

If I sound unfair about my own non-fiction writing career, I don't mean to be, because, without a doubt, I could not have written Equinox had it not been for those 25 non-fiction titles that preceded it. Indeed, the USP for Equinox is that it is a blend of fact and fiction in which real-life historical figures share the same stage with completely fictional, modern-day characters.'

Michael White, author of Equinox, in Publishing News