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iPublish’s Beneficial Effect on Time-Warner Publishing

29 April 2002

iPublish's Beneficial Effect on Time-Warner Publishing

'By thinking digitally, we changed our whole mindset internally. We are succeeding as a digital publisher for ourselves, which is a great leap forward.' At Warner and Little Brown 'our databases didn't talk to each other ...' (They were) 'put together by a series of executives who didn't talk to each other.' As a result of iPublish, they created the Vault, a central digital repository of information and processes. Kirschbaum also commented on the spread of electronic reading: 'publishers should encourage wide distribution of their books rather than this obsession with piracy... Let the digital rights go, let the book be out there, don't be so concerned with piracy.'

Larry Kirschbaum, President of Time-Warner Publishing,at the e-publishing seminar Publishing in the 21st Century

The Book Business Needs to Reach out to New Readers

'We must continue to fight for space in the minds of existing book buyers, but we will also need to look with greater urgency at how to reach the huge numbers of non book buyers for whom the book is an irrelevance in their lives' - 'The constant effort we expend on attempts to slosh more of the margin bathwater from one end of the industry to the other can distract us from using our time on creating value rather than reallocating cost.'

Anthony Forbes-Watson, CEO of the Penguin Group, UK, and incoming President of the Publishers Association, at the UK Booksellers' Conference