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Comment from the book world in December 2021

December 2021

Screenwriting, Diversity and Black Lives Matter

27 December 2021

‘Quite a few of my authors have wanted to move into screenwriting which makes sense because publishing doesn't always pay them enough to keep them going in that particular way. I know publishers will disagree but I think there are some ideas that are better for screen than necessarily for books and vice versa so that actually that is the thing I think agents should start to begin pivoting towards more rather than seeing it as an adjunct... particularly because film and television companies are desperate for IP and this is kind of a glorious time...

My people and my people's experience is not a trend, the collective history and pain of my ancestors is not something that is in vogue.

People from lots of different backgrounds write about lots of different things, it doesn't have to be mining the same pain over and over again. What everybody wants is to be given the same equality of platform to voice their experiences in the world.

What I am sceptical about is this idea of a collective bandwagon or reaching a quota and thinking I've done that quota. Publish responsibly and publish creatively and look at that person as a long-term career not a short-term enterprise.

Agent Nelle Andrew of Rachel Mills Literary in London in conversation with The Bookseller's managing editor Tom Tivnan at last month's FutureBook conference.


'Have fun with it'

13 December 2021

"I never give advice to young writers. They don't need someone to tell them to write something every day. The one thing I will say is: have fun with it. Don't listen to all these authors who tell you that writing is such hard work... If you go into it thinking that, it's going to be a chore for you. If you instead go, "Hey! Look at me writing. I'm creating something! I'm having a good time!" that's the way to go. Writing is a lot easier when you have that attitude."

R.L. Stine, celebrated author of dozens of children's books, many in the horror genre, who died recently.