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9 September 2013 - What's new

9 September 2013
  • Do you want to self-publish your work? WritersServices offers a suite of services which help writers get their work into shape before they self-publish. New to the site, our page of Services for Self-publishers.
  • 'This week we have launched our new suite of editorial services to cater for self-publishers. It may seem obvious that this is a sensible thing to do and we certainly hope that there will be good demand, but in its way it marks a remarkable change in the publishing world in the twelve years since WritersServices was set up - and a huge turnaround in just the last three or four years...' News Review
  • Our 24 pages of selected links offer a range of sites of special interest to writers, from Writers' Online Services to Agents Associations, from Picture Libraries to Web Resources. Please send us your favourites so we can add them to the site.
  • 'People come up to you and say, "Your writing has changed my life." What they really mean is you've changed the way they look at the world. If something of yours happens to be of help to them that's wonderful, but it wasn't me waving any kind of magic wand -the book is the intermediary...' Margaret Atwood, author of MaddAddam in the Sunday Telegraph's Stella, quoted in our Comment column.
  • We've just added to our Endorsements page this comment from Martin Humphries of Vancouver: 'As a total neophyte as a writer, I have been doing a huge amount of research suddenly as to what services are available to writers, on both sides of the Atlantic, and am amazed that you are able to have someone read a whole book and give a serious critique for just 180 pounds. I think that is incredible value for money, compared to other similar services that appear to be available out there.'
  • 'The world is so great and rich, and life so full of variety, that you can never lack occasions for poems.' Percy Bysshe Shelley in our Writers' Quotes.