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1 March 2021 - What's new

1 March 2021
  • 'Booksellers have had many years of making themselves resilient, having had to live through the advent and growth of Amazon - they are entrepreneurial and hard-working, resourceful and creative. Despite having spent years building up USPs which the pandemic stripped away (gathering, meeting, conversation, events, in-person meetings and social spaces) they have managed, by hard work, to keep themselves visible to their customers and to the wider media, public, government and trade audiences.' Meryl Halls, MD of the UK Booksellers Association, in Bookbrunch.
  • Health Hazards is our special series about the various health risks for writers, including the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you know you're spending too much time at a keyboard, it's worth making sure you're being careful about how you're sitting, your eyes and your wrists. Although Coronavirus may be the main health risk you're focused on at the moment, these special writers' risks are worth thinking about.
  • You'll have to hurry, but the the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prizes 2021 are open till 7 March. They're open to writers of any nationality writing in English in two classes: Best Unpublished Novel, which offers an advance of £15,000 on a publishing deal with Bonnier - entry fee £49 - and £10,000 for Best Published Novel.
  • Which service should I choose to help me get my work into good shape for submission or self-publishing? This is the question our page Which service? answers and it then goes on to give a quick rundown on our 20 editorial services for writers, which we think is the biggest and most comprehensive you can find on the internet.
  • Our links on writers and writing: it's a tough decision for a writer to make, one of the toughest: is now the moment to go for self-publishing? 11 Signs You're Ready to Self-Publish | Jane Friedman; a hugely admired author shares his thoughts, Jeff VanderMeer Talks Noir, Suspense, and His New Eco-Thriller With Meg Gardiner ‹ CrimeReads; nine books and three pseudonyms later, time for the lighthouse book, The sea in my bones; young authors may be self-censoring because they worry they will be "trolled" or "cancelled", Sir Kazuo Ishiguro warns of young authors self-censoring out of 'fear' - BBC News; and are you serious about putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and finally starting that novel idea you've had for years? 5 top tips for writing your novel - National Centre for Writing.
  • Writing Biography & Autobiography is a serialisation from our Archives of the book by Brian D Osborne published by A & C BlackClick for A & C Black Publishers Publishers References listing. In the first excerpt, Managing the matters of truth and objectivity, the author says: 'Just as you need to remember that letters, reports, census forms, legal documents and so forth were not created simply for our convenience, so you also need to remember that what is written in them may not be true...'
  • Links on diversity issues and publishing: does a black poet need a black translator? 'Shocked by the uproar': Amanda Gorman's white translator quits | Books | The Guardian; four years after the first report, Diversity in Romance Books Still Lags; the amazing move of a bestselling author with her full back catalogue to a publisher who has never handled fiction before, Fifty Shades author E.L. James to anchor new imprint |; and since the human appetite for celebrity self-­abasement and atonement, the raw materials of the well-turned tell-all, is unquenchable, Why the Political Memoir is 2021's Hottest Book Genre.
  • If you need to get your material typed up, but can't face doing the job yourself, Typing manuscripts is a service for writers who have an old or handwritten manuscript which needs typing before they can proceed with reworking, submission or publication.
  • 'I have discovered that I cannot burn a candle at one end and write a book with the other.' Katherine Mansfield in our Writers' Quotes.
  • For quotes fans we have superb collections in More Writers' Quotes and Even More Quotes.