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Writers' Blogs

Poor Rude Lines


John Field's poetry reviews blog covers a lot of ground, essential reading in these days of minimal poetry reviewing in the national press.

Ride the Pen Blog


This useful blog features detailed advice for creative writing of any kind (novels, short stories, screenplays, plays, etc...). Every post first analyses the work of a famous author (Kafka, Ibsen,...) and explains how the work applies a certain priciple, often featuring excerpts of the work.  Read more

Sheenagh Pugh's writing blog


Wide-ranging blog from a poet and novelist, including many reviews and a great list of other bloggers.

Baroque in Hackney


United Kingdom

Katy Evans-Bush's elegant blog about poetry, arts and culture, which has become a must-read for many.

S C Skillman Blog


Blog by aspiring writer who realises it's all about confidence. A Blog to encourage, uplift and inspire.

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