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Inside Publishing

a series about publishing, which will help writers understand what goes on inside the business

Vanity Publishing | Inside Publishing

Vanity Publishing

Chris Holifield 2017  Read more

Inside Publishing

How the Publishing Business Works

Chris Holifield 2017  Read more

Creative Commons | Inside Publishing

Creative Commons

   Read more

The Writer/Publisher Financial Relationship | Inside Publishing

The Writer/Publisher Financial Relationship

Chris Holifield 2017There’s no escaping the fact that publishers and authors are essentially in an adversarial position.  Read more

Marketing | Inside Publishing

The Marketing Department - what it does

Chris Holifield 2017  Read more

Sales Department | Inside Publishing

The Sales Department - what it does

Chris Holifield 2017The sales department has a crucial role in publishing companies. It is well worth taking time to understand how it works. This is the department which will have a crucial effect on the sales of your book.  Read more

Production | Inside Publishing

The Production Department - what it does

Chris Holifield 2017Once your book has been edited and designed, it will be ready to go off to the production department.  Read more

Publishing & pricing | Inside Publishing

Pricing - how it works

Chris Holifield 2017Pricing can be a fraught subject, as it is something which publishers like to control and regard as an integral part of selling the book.  Read more

Distribution | Inside Publishing


Chris Holifield 2017Although it might be the least glamorous of subjects, distribution plays a key part in getting your book into the bookshop, so it’s as well to have some understanding of how it works.  Read more

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