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Michael Berenti Literary Agency

46 Warwick Way
Suite 16
London, SW1 1RY
United Kingdom


  • Michael Berenti

Represents literary and general commercial fiction, thrillers, crime, suspense, fantasy, drama, science-fiction, film and TV scripts.

Non-Fiction: Politics, social sciences, current affairs history, military.

Does not represent: Poetry, Children's books, religious, how-to, drug-recovery, erotic, gardening or cookbooks.

Submission guidlines:

  • Manuscript should be typewritten with double spacing on one side of A4 paper, with each page accordingly numbered. Enclose a synopsis.
  • Please enquire first to see whether your work qualifies for evaluation. Fees applicable for evaluation. See website for details.
  • No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

Founded 2008.

020-7828 4273

Please contact the agent directly and not via WritersServices


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