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Font Literary Agency

Hollyville House
Hollybrook Road, Clontarf
Dublin 3,


  • Ita O'Driscoll

Fiction and non-fiction. No drama, sci-fi, erotic, technical, children's or poetry.

Submission Guidelines:


  • A one-page cover letter, detailing the nature of the novel, its genre and purpose, length and category.
  • An engaging, readable synopsis that includes all the turning points of the story (five pages or so, written in the third person and past tense, telling the story of what happens in an interesting and compelling way.
  • The first three chapters (or first 50 pages) Author resumé or curriculum vitae. Everything you want editors to know about you in descending order of relevance and importance. Include any media experience.

Please have your novel completed before querying about your idea or submitting sample chapters


The book proposal should comprise approximately 50- 70 pages, in three parts:
1. Introduction
2. Detailed Outline
3. Sample Chapters

1. Introduction

  • An overview of the book, including a subject hook, a "Tell-and-Sell" Title, the book's selling handle, its length, illustrations required if any, special features, markets for the book, subsidiary-rights possibilities, possible spin-offs and a promotion plan.
  • A list of books or other media (online or off) e.g. TV, films, blogs etc etc. that compete with/complement your book. Please detail how your book will be better/different and why the reader will buy
  • Any resources needed to complete the book: List any significant out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, illustrations, permissions, or an introduction, and a round figure as to how much they will cost. Also estimate how long it will take you to complete the book.
  • About the Author: Author Resume or Curriculum Vitae. Plus a paragraph of biography as it might appear on your book. Plus a sheet with everything you want editors to know about you in descending order of relevance and importance. Include any media experience.

2. Outline

A chapter-by-chapter synopsis of how the material will be structured. Include a cover page, please, that lists each chapter title and the page of the synopsis that each chapter outline begins on.

3. Sample Chapters

Send the first three chapters, unless you have compelling reasons to do otherwise. Send a minimum of 40 pages, a maximum of 75.

Please have your nonfiction proposal fully developed before querying with your idea.

No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Contact by email in first instance.

Authors include Amanda Brunker, Evelyn Cosgrave, Garbhan Downey, Paul Kilduff, Susanne O'Leary, Dearbhail McDonald, Orna Ross. Established 2005.

(1) 8532356

Please contact the agent directly and not via WritersServices


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