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Private publishing - Editorial Services

About us

Publish a private edition of your book so you can distribute it yourself or give it to your friends and family.

Normally you want your book published, to make it widely accessible.

But if you are producing:

  • a souvenir
  • a book as a gift
  • a course book or lecture notes
  • a family history
  • a memoir
  • a promotional book
  • a book to give or sell to members of a club

you probably don't want the bother of publication.

WritersServices offers the design and printing service you need through WritersServices Self-publishing.

Don't forget that, if you opt for it, the writer has to do the 'publishing' part of Self-publishing, so make sure that you are ready to dedicate time and effort to this. But if you just want to give your book away, or sell it privately, Private Publishing may be what you need. WritersServices Self-publishing can do all the work to get your book into print. You can then order as many copies as you want, to be delivered to you or elsewhere, so our service is relevant to both Private and 'public' publishing.