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Self-Publishing, Private Publishing & Print on Demand

WritersServices Self-publishing

  • Have you decided to opt for self-publishing?
  • Are you the sort of writer who wants above all to see your manuscript in book form?
  • Have you experienced the frustration of having your work repeatedly rejected, often waiting weeks or even months for an answer?
  • Do you know that there are readers you could reach, if only you could do something about getting your book into their hands?
  • Is there a market for your book which you could reach through selling it yourself? Are you interested in making more money from your writing through self-publishing?
  • Or do you feel that your book is really only of interest to you, your family and friends, but that it would give you great satisfaction to see it in printed form? We call this Private Publishing.

Self-publishing may provide the answer. If any of this sounds like your experience, then it’s worth looking carefully at our WritersServices Self-publishing.

WritersServices has been set up to provide services for writers, not to act as a publisher. We are not a vanity press. If you opt for our Self-publishing service, you will either publish your book yourself or go for our Private Publishing option, which involves you distributing your book privately.

  • We will help you to publish your own book with cost-effective services, using print on demand
  • The great benefit of POD is that books are only printed when orders are received.
  • We arrange for orders from bookshops to go straight to the printer as part of the service.
  • Once printed, the books are distributed to fulfil the orders
  • WritersServices Self-publishing then collects the money from the bookshops, via the distributors, on your behalf.

The main service uses Print-On-Demand technology:

  • So you don't have a stack of books to pay for or store


  • We tie the title into the distribution system so your book can be ordered at any bookshop or online internationally.


WritersServices Self-publishing

Services for self-publishers:

Copy editing



Manuscript typing


A fictionalised account

A fictionalised account of private publishing

Check WritersServices Self-publishing- for our POD Self-Publishing and Private Publishing services