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Ebooks 'completely changed my life'

26 February 2018

Hachette CEO Arnaud Nourry has courted controversy by declaring that the ebook ‘is a stupid product', countered by Chris Meadows in Teleread saying that ebooks are pretty much the same thing as print books and also that the ebook makes up one-fifth of publishers' sales (9 out of 10 self-publishers' sales). (Our link to The Big Five Publishers and the Nutri-Matic Dispenser.)

Erin Kelly in the Guardian says that ‘as an author and a reader, they've completely changed my life'. Apart from reviving her backlist and enabling her to reach an audience she didn't previously connect with, she points out that ebooks have been a boon to many people with vision problems, enabling them to see type at a size that works for them. (Our link to Ebooks are not 'stupid' - they're a revolution.)

Both these articles are worth reading in full, as the debate about the importance of ebooks goes on. But many writers will think that it's a debate which has been settled and doesn't need global publishers expressing a view - especially since in fact publishers have made a lot of money from ebook sales. But for indie publishers they are vital.