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The way of the future or taking an editor's advice?

25 September 2017

Should you do what your editor says? And, if you feel uncomfortable, how can you find another editor? Or will you submit through an online organisation which is bypassing editors?

Betty Kelly Sergeant's short article in Booklife, Ask the Editor: Working with an editor, explores how you deal with an editor when you don't agree and she/he is ‘just plain wrong' about your book. Ultimately you must find another editor, because it is your book and you can't make changes when the advice feels wrong to you.

The tech solution abandons the editor's input in the book selection process, using instead readers' votes to decide what to publish. Inkitt is not the first set-up of this kind, but its recent launch shows great confidence in the tech way of working out what to publish. It has just raised $3.9m for its part writing and reading community, and part publishing house, with one aspect feeding the other.

Is this the way of the future? Who knows? But there's certainly a lot of money invested in proving that it might be.