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Romance rides high in ebooks

22 October 2012

New imprints are being set up to publish genre fiction in ebook form.

One of these is the new women's fiction imprint set up by Oliver Rhodes, late of Harlequin UK. Bookouture - perhaps not the most memorable name - is to focus on creating global author brands and building them up through clever digital marketing. Bookouture will accept agented and unagented submissions.

Rhodes said: 'I'm aware of all of the benefits that traditional publishers can bring to authors - but also the limitations. My vision is for Bookouture to be the best of the exciting new generation of digital publishers. We will be establishing our reputation based on creativity that delivers - one book and one campaign at a time.'

As Rhodes will be well aware, Harlequin Mills & Boon are selling increasing number of ebooks and this genre is one of the ones where ebooks have been most heavily adopted. Romance readers appear to feel that the ebook format is perfect for books which readers intend to consume and then do not want to have on their shelves for the long term.

HarperCollins UK's Avon imprint, also taking on genre fiction including romance and crime, is doing well and they have recently announced that they are increasing their output.

Harlequin US claims on its site that romance has the most sales of any genre of over a billion dollars a year. It says:

'Why do you think we want to read those stories? I enjoy a strong male character who can handle any obstacle. I like a female who knows what she wants.

Why do you think these books are the most popular?

It is the most fun to write about. To bring characters to life and write about their journey.'

All these imprints are easy to research online. Mills and Boon has a whole section of its website dedicated to aspiring authors.


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