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News stories from the book world in March 2012

March 2012

Amazon moves towards a monopoly

26 March 2012

I'm afraid we can't escape Amazon in the news at the moment. In Publishing Perspectives Bryce Milligan, the publisher of small American indie Wings Press, asks whether Amazon's philanthropic grants are not just helping along their company aim of overwhelming the competition.  Read more

Unknown British author tops US bestseller list with erotic novel

19 March 2012

It's a sign of the times that previously unknown British author E L James has topped the New York Times bestseller list with an erotic romance, Fifty Shades of Grey.  Read more

Children's books buck the trend

12 March 2012

With the word's top children book fair, Bologna, starting on the 19th March, all eyes are on this lucrative and expanding area of the publishing market.  Read more

Advantage: new authors

5 March 2012

This week's there's an interesting story from the US about writer Kate Alcott, whose first novel The Dressmaker has just sold 35,000 copies in hardback and been sold for translation in five countries. It seems explicable in terms of the subject-matter because The Dressmaker is about a seamstress who goes on board the Titanic as a lady's maid, is wooed by two men from  Read more