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News stories from the book world in September 2010

September 2010

Is a creative writing course worth it?

27 September 2010

Can creative writing courses really open up the world of writing to the students who pay heavily for the privilege of taking them? As students begin the return to college or university across the northern hemisphere, this seems a good time to examine whether or not creative writing courses earn their keep.  Read more

Bestsellers, bestsellers

20 September 2010

Some recent articles on bestseller lists have shown that the lists can be a bit of a moveable feast.  Read more

Self-publishing as test marketing

13 September 2010

Keith Ogoreck, Senior VP for Marketing for Author Solutions, has made a rather astounding prediction in book editor Alan Rinzler's blog on Forbes. He suggests that big publishers like Random House could one day 'cede the midlist to a vast army of self-published authors'.  Read more

Richard and Judy ride again

6 September 2010

Television Book Clubs are back in the news again with much talk about Oprah's new choice and the relaunch of the Richard and Judy Book club in the UK.  Read more