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News stories from the book world in September 2008

September 2008

Do-it-yourself word definitions

29 September 2008

The launch of a new website which encourages everyone to upload videos of themselves delivering their own definitions of their favourite words could offer freedom from the dead hand of the past or be the last straw for pedants, depending on your point of view.   Read more

A week of Armageddon

22 September 2008

After what many are calling the most extraordinary week on the stock market since the Great Crash, how is publishing faring? Can we even begin to guess what the terrifying events dominating the world's financial stage might mean for the international book trade?  Read more

Good news/bad news from the web

15 September 2008

The Internet is profoundly affecting what is happening in the staid old world of books. Two bestselling authors have waded in recently, as web threats and opportunities change the way books are written, published and sold.  Read more

Groundbreaking new initiative from Bloomsbury

8 September 2008

Bloomsbury has dipped into its reputed £50m ($88.32m) Harry Potter war chest to set up an innovative new publishing venture, Bloomsbury Academic. The new business will publish a new list online for free, with the venture sustained by sales to libraries and academic institutions.  Read more

All change in the travel market

1 September 2008

Travel books have rarely been so much in the headlines as they were in the UK last week when Tony Elliott, the pugnacious founder of Time Out, used a speech at the Edinburgh Festival to lambast the BBC. The public broadcaster has recently acquired Lonely Planet's travel guides and Elliott is not alone in thinking that the BBC is getting out of control and offering unfair competiti  Read more